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Many dental patients have chosen¬† to align crooked teeth with clear braces. Sometimes referred to as “invisible,” clear braces have proven to be extremely effective for straightening teeth, and they’re available from Mason Dental in Grapevine.

Most people have heard of clear braces, but still have questions about them. We’ll try to share some valuable information about them in this blow post.

Clear braces, like those from Invisalign, are removable, but must be worn for at least twenty-two hours a day in order to be most effective. Even so, they can be taken out for meals and when you brush and floss your teeth.

It takes time to straighten teeth, so we need to emphasize they clear braces, or aligners as they’re really called, should be worn as much as possible. That includes when you sleep at night. It still takes less time, on average, to correct a patient’s bite with aligners than with traditional braces. The time it takes varies from patient to patient.

One of the reasons people love clear braces so much is that they are nearly undetectable when worn. They are not invisible, of course, but you’ll be surprised at how others tend to not notice you’re wearing them.

Clear braces are not for everyone. They’re great for such issues as crowded teeth, gaps, and overbites and underbites. But severe orthodontic issues may respond best with traditional, metal braces.

Mason Dental in Grapevine is a provider of Invisalign clear braces. Call us to find out more. We also offer general dentistry. Make an appointment today.

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