Snoring Treatment

stop snoring with a snoring mouthpiece in GrapevineSnoring Treatment in Grapevine

Do you have difficulty sleeping due to snoring or sleep apnea, whether your own or your partner’s? Do you grind or clench your teeth in your sleep, causing regular headaches or tired facial muscles in the morning? At Mason Dental, we don’t just deal with teeth. A lot of oral issues can be addressed right here in our dentist office, including those just mentioned. Our mouthguards and NTI appliances help improve the sleep quality of snorers and their loved ones while ensuring greater dental health overall.

The Snore Guard Mouthpiece

Our custom-made snoring mouthpiece is comfortable and easy to obtain. In the span of a single office visit, we’ll measure your mouth and create a guard perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Our Snore Guard mouthpieces can help prevent snoring and ensure better quality sleep for everyone in bed. If you snoring is keeping loved one’s up at night, it’s time to look into your options.

NTI Appliances

snoring treatment solutions with a dentist near Southlake and ColleyvilleNIT Plus or “Soft Bite” is an appliance that prevents teeth clenching or grinding (also known as bruxing) and helps alleviate pain in the back, neck, and jaw. NTI appliances can also help reduce symptoms of migraines or tension headaches. NTI stands for nociceptive trigeminal inhibitors; the devices come in a variety of designs to best suit your needs, and can be designed and seated in a short amount of time due to their small size. If you’re looking for relief from constant headaches or poor sleep, NTI appliances have been proven an effective remedy for pain and oral sleep issues.

Snore No More

If you want to stop snoring or find relief from sleep apnea and other oral issues during the night, give us a call or visit our office to schedule your sleep consultation. We’ll be happy to meet with you and determine if our sleep therapy equipment is right for you.