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Gum Disease Treatment

periodontal disease in GrapevineGum Disease Treatment in Grapevine

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the number one cause of tooth loss in America. Approximately eighty percent of Americans are affected by gum disease every year.

Symptoms of periodontal disease include swollen gums, pain in the teeth or gums, and bleeding. If left untreated, disease in the gums can lead to greater health problems such as heart disease. Luckily, at Mason Dental we take all the steps necessary to thoroughly treat periodontal disease and prevent it from taking root in the first place.

The treatment of periodontal disease will differ from patient to patient. Whether your periodontal disease is mild or severe, we’ll work with you to form individualized treatment options specific to your needs.

Screening for Bacteria

Here at Mason Dental, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to screen for periodontal disease, as well as bacterial and genetic testing.

gum disease treatment near Southlake and ColleyvilleBacterial Testing

One type of gum disease treatment is to test the bacteria in your mouth to identify the specific perio-pathogens at play. This test is especially beneficial for patients who:

  • Are experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease but not responding to current treatment.
  • Have used or are actively using tobacco.
  • Have undergone radiation treatment in the past.
  • Have infected pockets 3mm or larger.
  • Have been diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes.
  • Have a history of cardiovascular disease.

You can learn more about bacterial testing at your consultation or with a quick phone call to our office.

Gum Health

In addition to bacterial testing, we also offer a complete evaluation of your gums and have the ability to treat periodontal disease. This evaluation benefits patients who:

  • Have a history of periodontal disease in their family.
  • Have a weakened or compromised immune system.
  • Are exhibiting symptoms of periodontal disease but not responding positively to treatment.
  • Have lost teeth to periodontal disease and are looking to receive dental implants.

To learn more about genetic tests for periodontal disease, or to schedule an appointment, give our office a call!


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