Laser Dentistry

periodontal disease treatment with dental laser in GrapevineLaser Dentistry in Grapevine

As technology evolves, so does modern dentistry. At Mason Dental, we work to keep our office up-to-date with all the latest innovations so we can consistently provide our patients with quality care.

Laser dentistry is one such technological advancement that allows us to treat patients more comfortably, more precisely, and more effectively. Now patients can enjoy the safety and benefits of hard and soft tissue dental lasers in a variety of procedures and treatments, including frenectomies and gum contouring.

laser dentistry services in Southlake and ColleyvilleThe Odyssey Laser and Benefits of Laser Dentistry

We’re proud to have an Odyssey Laser in our office at Mason Dental! The Odyssey Laser is the latest in dental laser technology for preventative soft tissue care. Procedures under the Odyssey Laser are low-stress and heal much faster than procedures performed with traditional drills. Children especially benefit from laser dentistry due to the absence of needles and loud drills. To learn more about pediatric laser dentistry and the options available for your child, give our office a call.

Procedural Innovations

Laser dentistry has improved and renovated the following dental treatments and services:

  • The reduction of bacteria and other flora.
  • The Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty.
  • Gingival hyperplasia treatment.
  • Periodontal therapy.
  • Herpes simplex (or cold sore) treatments.
  • Soft tissue crown lengthening.
  • Aphthous ulcer (or canker sore) treatments.
  • Abscess incision and drainage.
  • Control of bleeding and other discharge.
  • Gum sculpting and reduction.
  • Root canals and apicoectomies.

Thanks to our in-office Odyssey Laser, and the continued advancement of dental technology, all these procedures and more can be done with less pain, greater precision, and greater safety.

A Forward-Thinking Practice

We at Mason Dental continue to invest in the best dental equipment in the industry for your peace of mind. To learn more about laser dentistry or to schedule an appointment, visit our office or give us a call!