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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction with a dentist near Southlake and ColleyvilleTooth Extraction in Grapevine

At Mason Dental, we’ll do everything we can to preserve the health and vitality of your natural teeth. Sometimes, having teeth pulled is just the way to do that. Removing a tooth can mean greater health for the surrounding teeth and your mouth as a whole.

When Is Extraction Necessary?

Tooth removal may be ideal if the tooth is badly infected or suffering from severe decay. Tooth decay or periodontal disease can very easily spread to other teeth, and in some cases, can put your entire body at risk for more serious medical issues, like heart disease.

Not only does tooth removal eliminate the source of further decay, but also the source of pain. Oftentimes it is pain that would not have otherwise gone away.

It may also become necessary to have a tooth or teeth pulled if it is severely broken or damaged. Some cracks and chips can easily be repaired, but if the damage is too extensive, the whole tooth is at risk for infection.

tooth removal services in Grapevine if you need teeth pulledThe Tooth Extraction Procedure

We understand that getting teeth pulled can be a scary prospect. But at Mason Dental, we have the equipment and expertise to make the experience as gentle and painless as possible.

First, we’ll numb the affected area of your mouth. When we remove the tooth, you may feel some slight pressure, but we always strive to protect you against any intense pain.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may or may not need your wisdom teeth removed, though most people do. It all depends on how your wisdom teeth individually have developed.

We’ll be able to determine the need for extraction through digital x-rays. These x-rays allow us to see the wisdom teeth and their trajectories. If they look like they will potentially cause future problems, we’ll recommend removing them. And for your convenience, we can perform oral surgery right here in our office at Mason Dental.

To learn more about wisdom teeth removal or to schedule an appointment, give our office a call.


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