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Bone Grafts

get tooth bone graft surgery in Grapevine TX

Bone Graft Surgery in Grapevine, TX

To prevent jawbone atrophy and ensure general oral health, we at Mason Dental provide bone graft surgery to patients in need.

You may need a dental bone graft if you have missing teeth or untreated gum disease. Gum disease can cause teeth to fall out, and missing tooth roots leave the jawbone unstimulated. An unstimulated jawbone can reshape your mouth and leave your face appearing sunken and unhealthy.

Bone Graft Surgery for Dental Implants

When jawbone loss occurs, there’s usually insufficient bone mass to support a dental implant. Since dental implants are the nearest thing to natural teeth, this can pose a problem for many patients.

Luckily, with a tooth bone graft, Dr. White and the rest of the team at Mason Dental can reinforce the jawbone so dental implants can be placed. Once your bone has healed, the missing tooth can be restored with the optimal solution so you can smile with confidence.

get Grapevine TX tooth bone graft surgery

How does Bone Graft Surgery Work?

Dr. White will use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to perform a successful dental bone graft. Sometimes, he will even combine bone graft procedures and sinus lift procedures for optimal results. Each procedure is meticulously planned out to meet all your individual needs.

The dental bone graft surgery process will look like this:

  • Dr. White will fill the deteriorated bone area with biocompatible synthetic bone material.
  • The synthetic bone material, at first like a liquid or paste, will then thicken, providing extra strength to the weakened bone structure.
  • Once the bone material has solidified completely, you’ll have a firm foundation in which to install a dental implant.

As with any oral procedure, IV sedation or laughing gas is available to all patients.

Learn More at Mason Dental

To learn more about tooth bone grafts and how they can rebuild your smile, visit our office or give us a call.


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