Why Is Dry Mouth Risky For Your Teeth?

Why Is Dry Mouth Dangerous For Grapevine Dental Patients?In this post from Mason Dental in Grapevine we are going to talk about dry mouth, an unpleasant condition that can influence oral health.

Reduction of saliva flow resulting in a dry mouth is a common problem, especially as you age. But anyone can experience the symptoms of dry mouth. They include a dry, red tongue, difficulty swallowing, and persistent sore throat.

Sometimes dry mouth is caused by a disease or infection, but a more common cause is prescription medications and their side effects.

Decongestants, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and painkillers are just some of the drugs that list ‘dry mouth’ as a common side effect.

It is common for allergy-prone people to complain of dry mouth when they start taking antihistamines during the hay fever season.

Aside from being a nuisance, untreated dry mouth can cause tooth damage. Adequate saliva is necessary to keep the mouth lubricated, wash the food from teeth, and neutralize the acidic environment caused by plaque. Extensive decay can develop in the absence of saliva for dental patients with chronic dry mouth.

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